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Question 1:

Which option for zypper will list the available patches?

A. zypper showpatch

B. zypper patch

C. zypper Ip

D. zypper list-patch

E. zypper lu

Correct Answer: B

Explanation: First, view all available patches using patches option as shown below:

zypper patches

Next, you can install a specific patch from the above output using the patch option as shown below.

zypper patch

20 Zypper Command Examples to Manage Packages on SUSE Linux

Question 2:

Assume you need to make the third menu entry of your GRUB2 boot menu your default menu selection. What tasks must be completed to accomplish this? (Choose two)

A. Run the grub2-mkconfig command

B. Edit the /etc/default/grub file and set GRUB_DEFAULX to 2

C. Run the mkinitrd command

D. Edit /etc/grub2/custom.cfg and set GRUB_MENU to3

E. Edit the /boot/grub2/menu.cfg file and set MENU_DEFAULT to 3

F. Run the systemctl reload systemd command

Correct Answer: AD

Question 3:

What does the term “action* mean when referring to system logging in SUSE Linux Enterprise?

A. An action defines where a log message ends up such as in a regular file or database table.

B. An action is used to define the severity of a log message.

C. An action is used to filter out desired log messages for processing.

D. An action is a process that the issuing facility must go through before issuing the log message.

Correct Answer: D

Question 4:

Which directory is traditionally used as a catch all to mount local and/or remote file systems?

A. /mnt

B. /etc

C. /home

D. /var

E. /tmP

Correct Answer: B

Question 5:

You are working at a terminal window of a server at the office, but you want to continue this work by remotely accessing the terminal session from your home office. Which command will you need to use to accomplish this?

A. screen

B. bg

C. -tty-release

D. Ctrl-fa, r

E. bg -term disconnect

Correct Answer: C

Question 6:

For programs to leverage PolKit they are split into two separate processes. Which statements below are true regarding these two PolKit processes? {Choose two)

A. The Policy Agent process runs in the System Context.

B. The Policy Agent process runs in the User Session.

C. The Mechanism process runs in the System Context.

D. The Mechanism process runs in the User Session.

E. The Authentication Agent runs in the System Context.

F. The D-Bus runs in the User Session.

Correct Answer: BE

Question 7:

When using the nice command, which of the following is the higher priority, -15 or 7?

A. 7

B. -15

C. Neither since the values are not within the acceptable range. \

D. It depends on the system priority set by the scheduler when the task was launched.

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

Which system initialization system is used in SLES 15?

A. undev

B. init

C. System V

D. systemd


Correct Answer: D

Explanation: The program systemd is the process with process ID 1. It is responsible for initializing the system in the required way. systemd is started directly by the kernel and resists signal 9, which normally terminates processes. All other programs are either started directly by systemd or by one of its child processes.

Question 9:

Which Vim command will save the current file without exiting?

A. q!

B. w-no-exit

C. wq!

D. w

E. w!

Correct Answer: D

Explanation: Save a File in Vim / Vi #The command to save a file in Vim is :w. To save the file without exiting the editor, switch back to normal mode by pressing Esc, type :w and hit Enter. https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-save-file-in-vim-quit-editor/

Question 10:

After the Kernel has been loaded during the boot process, which component will handle hardware detection?

A. udev

B. devmgr

C. initramfs

D. hal

E. devfsd

Correct Answer: A

Question 11:

Which file contains information about secondary groups on the system?

A. /etc/second.grp

B. /var/share/group

C. etc/sysconflg/group

D. /etc/group

E. /var/lib/group

Correct Answer: A

Question 12:

You want to add two new custom items to the GRUB2 boot menu. Which file should you modify to accomplish this?

A. /etc/grub.d/custom.cfg

B. /etc/default/grub

C. /etc/boot/grub.cfg

D. /boot/grub2/menu.cfg

E. /boot/grub2/custom.cfg

Correct Answer: E

Explanation: https://documentation.suse.com/sles/12-SP4/html/SLES-all/cha-grub2.html

Question 13:

Which command is used to manage software RAID?

A. mdadm

B. yast swraid

C. raidadm

D. fdisk –raid

E. mdmgr

Correct Answer: A

Question 14:

You\’re setting up a SUES 15 server which will require very large data volumes and journaling capabilities. Which file system listed below would be the best choice for your data volumes?



C. Ext2

D. ReiserFS

E. Ext3

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

Which bash commands result in a valid arithmetic expansion? (Choose three)

A. TOTAL=$((5.3 2.2))

B. TOTAL=$[8/2]

C. TOTAL=$[8.4/2.1]

D. TOTAL=$[2.1*4]

E. TOTAL=$((5 2))

F. ((TOTAL ))

Correct Answer: AE

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