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Question 1:

Which of the following is not a component of contractual PII?

A. Scope of processing

B. Value of data

C. Location of data

D. Use of subcontractors

Correct Answer: C

The value of data itself has nothing to do with it being considered a part of contractual

Question 2:

Which of the following roles involves testing, monitoring, and securing cloud services for an organization?

A. Cloud service integrator

B. Cloud service business manager

C. Cloud service user

D. Cloud service administrator

Correct Answer: D

The cloud service administrator is responsible for testing cloud services, monitoring services, administering security for services, providing usage reports on cloud services, and addressing problem reports

Question 3:

What is the only data format permitted with the SOAP API?





Correct Answer: D

The SOAP protocol only supports the XML data format.

Question 4:

Which of the following roles involves overseeing billing, purchasing, and requesting audit reports for an organization within a cloud environment?

A. Cloud service user

B. Cloud service business manager

C. Cloud service administrator

D. Cloud service integrator

Correct Answer: B

The cloud service business manager is responsible for overseeing business and billing administration, purchasing cloud services, and requesting audit reports when necessary

Question 5:

What is the biggest concern with hosting a key management system outside of the cloud environment?

A. Confidentiality

B. Portability

C. Availability

D. Integrity

Correct Answer: C

When a key management system is outside of the cloud environment hosting the application, availability is a primary concern because any access issues with the encryption keys will render the entire application unusable.

Question 6:

What does the management plane typically utilize to perform administrative functions on the hypervisors that it has access to?

A. Scripts




Correct Answer: C

The functions of the management plane are typically exposed as a series of remote calls and function executions and as a set of APIs. These APIs are typically leveraged through either a client or a web portal, with the latter being the most common.

Question 7:

Which of the following publishes the most commonly used standard for data center design in regard to tiers and topologies?


B. Uptime Institute



Correct Answer: B

The Uptime Institute publishes the most commonly used and widely known standard on data center tiers and topologies. It is based on a series of four tiers, with each progressive increase in number representing more stringent, reliable, and redundant systems for security, connectivity, fault tolerance, redundancy, and cooling.

Question 8:

What is used for local, physical access to hardware within a data center?





Correct Answer: B

Local, physical access in a data center is done via KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switches.

Question 9:

Within an Infrastructure as a Service model, which of the following would NOT be a measured service?


B. Storage

C. Number of users

D. Memory

Correct Answer: C

Within IaaS, the number of users on a system is not relevant to the particular hosting model in regard to cloud resources. IaaS is focused on infrastructure needs of a system or application. Therefore, a factor such as the number of users that could affect licensing requirements, for example, would apply to the SaaS model, or in some instances to PaaS.

Question 10:

Which United States law is focused on accounting and financial practices of organizations?

A. Safe Harbor




Correct Answer: C

The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act is not an act that pertains to privacy or IT security directly, but rather regulates accounting and financial practices used by organizations. It was passed to protect stakeholders and shareholders from improper practices and errors, and it sets forth rules for compliance, regulated and enforced by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The main influence on IT systems and operations is the requirements it sets for data retention, specifically in regard to what types of records must be preserved and for how long.

Question 11:

What type of masking strategy involves making a separate and distinct copy of data with masking in place?

A. Dynamic

B. Replication

C. Static

D. Duplication

Correct Answer: C

With static masking, a separate and distinct copy of the data set is created with masking in place. This is typically done through a script or other process that takes a standard data set, processes it to mask the appropriate and predefined fields, and then outputs the data set as a new one with the completed masking done.

Question 12:

Which of the following storage types is most closely associated with a database-type storage implementation?

A. Object

B. Unstructured

C. Volume

D. Structured

Correct Answer: D

Structured storage involves organized and categorized data, which most closely resembles and operates like a database system would.

Question 13:

Which of the following roles is responsible for overseeing customer relationships and the processing of financial transactions?

A. Cloud service manager

B. Cloud service deployment

C. Cloud service business manager

D. Cloud service operations manager

Correct Answer: C

The cloud service business manager is responsible for overseeing business plans and customer relationships as well as processing financial transactions.

Question 14:

Which of the following security measures done at the network layer in a traditional data center are also applicable to a cloud environment?

A. Dedicated switches

B. Trust zones

C. Redundant network circuits

D. Direct connections

Correct Answer: B

Trust zones can be implemented to separate systems or tiers along logical lines for great security and access controls. Each zone can then have its own security controls and monitoring based on its particular needs.

Question 15:

Which of the following attempts to establish an international standard for eDiscovery processes and best practices?

A. ISO/IEC 31000

B. ISO/IEC 27050

C. ISO/IEC 19888

D. ISO/IEC 27001

Correct Answer: B

ISO/IEC 27050 strives to establish an internationally accepted standard for eDiscovery processes and best practices. It encompasses all steps of the eDiscovery process: identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, analysis, and the final production of the requested data.

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