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Question 1:

Which statements about partitions are correct? (Choose 3.)

A. Extended partitions can be subdivided into logical partitions.

B. A primary partition consists of a continuous range of cylinders.

C. Logical partitions do not require entries in the main partition table.

D. If you use only primary partitions, you are limited to eight partitions per disk.

E. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 can only be installed on a primary partition.

F. To install more than one operating system on a partition, the partition has to include the entire cylinder range.

Correct Answer: ABC

Question 2:

How do you create a file called destination containing the same ACLs currently set for the file called source?

A. getfacl source > destination

B. getfacl -c source destination

C. getfacl source | cp destination

D. getfacl -x source > destination

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

In which file is the name resolution configured?

A. /etc/dns.conf

B. /etc/resolv.conf


D. /etc/nameservers

E. /etc/sysconfig/network/dns

Correct Answer: B

Question 4:

Which statement about the /sbin/ldconfig command is correct?

A. The ldconfig command is used to link directories.

B. The ldconfig command is used to configure an LDAP connection.

C. The ldconfig command is used to update the software library cache.

D. The ldconfig command is used to show dynamic libraries needed by a program.

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

Which file can be used to send a message to users logging in on a text console?

A. /etc/net

B. /etc/motd

C. /etc/message

D. /var/log/messages

Correct Answer: B

Question 6:

You would like to run command2 only if command1 did not complete successfully.

Which command accomplishes this task?

A. command1 ;; command2

B. command1 || command2

C. command1 >> command2

D. command1 andand command2

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

You want to use the ip command to set a new address for your network device eth0. It is a standard class C network. The broadcast address and network route should be set accordingly. Which command is correct?

A. ip address set dev eth0

B. ip address add dev eth0

C. ip addr add dev eth0 brd

D. ip addr add eth0 eth0 broadcast

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

Which parts can be combined in the syslog-ng configuration file (/etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf) to specify what information is logged? (Choose 3.)

A. Alerts

B. Users

C. Filters

D. Sources

E. Log Paths

F. Destinations

G. Date and Time

Correct Answer: CDF

Question 9:

In a terminal window, which command displays the name of the directory you are currently in?

A. dir

B. pwd

C. where

D. current-dir

Correct Answer: B

Question 10:

Which key combination can you use to stop a process that runs in the foreground?

A. Ctrl X

B. Ctrl Z

C. Ctrl Alt X

D. Ctrl Backspace

Correct Answer: B

Question 11:

You have a /tmp/data directory containing the files .file, file1, and file2. You want to delete the directory and its content. In a terminal window, which command accomplishes this?

A. rm /tmp/data/

B. rm -r /tmp/data/

C. rmdir /tmp/data/

D. deldir /tmp/data/

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:

Routes to the directly connected network are automatically set up when a device is started. All other routes are saved in which configuration file?

A. /etc/route

B. /etc/routes

C. /etc/routes.conf

D. /etc/network/routes

E. /etc/sysconfig/routes

F. /etc/sysconfig/network/routes

Correct Answer: F

Question 13:

What information do you need to set up an LDAP client? (Choose 4.)

A. LDAP version

B. LDAP base DN

C. Kind of encryption

D. Synchronization frequency

E. Address of the LDAP server

F. File name of the LDAP database

Correct Answer: ABCE

Question 14:

You have a test directory with the following permissions: rwx—— You want to change the permissions to the following values: r-xr-xr-x. Which command accomplishes this?

A. chmod 777 test

B. chmod a=rx test

C. chmod u=rx,a-rx test

D. chmod u w,g rx,o rx test

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

What does the following line of the sudo configuration file mean? geeko ALL = /sbin/shutdown

A. All users are allowed to shut down the computer.

B. It allows the user geeko to shut down the computer.

C. All users (except geeko) are allowed to shut down the computer.

D. User geeko is allowed to shut down the computer with name ALL.

E. All users of the computer with the name geeko are allowed to shut down the computer.

Correct Answer: B

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