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Question 1:

Which parameter in NetBackup Management > Host Properties must be modified to change the logging level to 5 for client1.domain?

A. Master Servers > [master_server_name] > Logging > Global logging level

B. Clients > [client_name] > Logging > Global logging level

C. Master Servers > [master_server_name] > Logging > Enable robust logging

D. Clients > [client_name] > Logging > Enable robust logging

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

Weekly full backups run for clientA on master1 using a storage unit that belongs to media1. The administrator is required to retain clientA\’s full backups for a period of four months. When the administrator modifies the Full schedule, four months is missing from the selection list. Where should the administrator add the four-month retention period under Host Properties?

A. Master Servers > master1 > Retention Periods

B. Clients > clientA > Global Attributes

C. Media Servers > media1 > Retention Periods

D. Master Servers > master1 > Global Attributes

Correct Answer: A

Question 3:

Where should the administrator set the parameter in the Host Properties to enable failed restore jobs to automatically retry on Client1?

A. Clients > Client1 > Universal Settings > Restore retries

B. Master Server > Client Attributes > Client1 > General > Restore retries

C. Clients > Client1 > Client Settings > Restore retries

D. Master Server > Client Attributes > Client1 > Restore retries

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

An administrator wants clients in a remote office to perform client-side deduplication instead of Media Server deduplication. Where should the administrator set the parameter in the Host Properties to ensure client-side deduplication is performed?

A. Master Server > Client Attributes > client_hostname > General > Always use client-side deduplication

B. Clients > General > Always use client-side deduplication

C. Master Server > Client Attributes > General > Always use client-side deduplication

D. Clients > Deduplication > Always use client-side deduplication

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

Which two conditions must be met to change the volume group of a tape? (Select two.)

A. backup tapes must be in the same library or standalone

B. backup tapes must have barcode labels

C. backup tapes must be unassigned

D. backup tapes must be vaulted

E. backup tapes must have the same media type

Correct Answer: AE

Question 6:

What should an administrator do to enable backups to span multiple BasicDisk storage units?

A. configure a storage unit group and add BasicDisk storage units from multiple Media Servers

B. configure a storage unit group that consists only of disk storage units defined on a single Media Server

C. confirm that a load balancing storage unit is selected at the group level

D. select Storage Units > Storage Unit > Allow backup to span disks

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

An administrator has a backup policy with the following attributes: 5 paths listed in the Backup Selections list 3 clients listed in the Clients list Allow multiple data streams is selected Max Jobs per Client value set to 4 How many jobs go Active when the job is started, excluding parent jobs?

A. 8

B. 9

C. 12

D. 15

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

An administrator has a backup policy with the following policy attributes: 3 paths listed in the Backup Selections list 5 clients listed in the Clients list Allow multiple data streams is selected Limit Jobs per policy is set to 4 How many jobs go Active when the job is started, excluding parent jobs?

A. 3

B. 4

C. 12

D. 15

Correct Answer: B

Question 9:

An administrator needs to back up 100 clients using 10 LTO5 tape drives. Which policy setting will perform the backup fastest?

A. Allow multiple data streams

B. Limit jobs per policy

C. Media multiplexing

D. Use Accelerator

Correct Answer: C

Question 10:

Which command should an administrator use to determine which storage lifecycle policy\’s image copies are incomplete?

A. nbstl

B. nbreplicate

C. bpimage

D. nbstlutil

Correct Answer: C

Question 11:

An administrator of a multi-site, multi-domain NetBackup environment wants to be able to provide redundancy for backups as well as protecting the NetBackup image database. All backups must have on- site and off-site disk copies as well as off-site tape copies and must be restorable at all times, even if a single NetBackup server/storage failure occurs. Which NetBackup feature should the administrator use to implement the functionality?

A. Replication Director

B. Automated Image Replication

C. Storage Lifecycle Policies

D. Vault

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:

Which two appliance performance scenarios benefit from seeding the MSDP pool? (Select two.)

A. new client backups over WAN

B. new application backups over SAN

C. new VADP VMWare backups using Media Server as the backup host

D. new replication to a new DR site

E. new clients with large file systems containing small files

Correct Answer: AD

Question 13:

An MSDP Media Server is experiencing performance issues when running multiple deduplication backup jobs concurrently over 10 GbE. When switched to AdvancedDisk on the same Media Server, the backups perform well. Which step can be utilized to mitigate the performance issues?

A. reduce network congestion between clients and the Media Server

B. increase the size of the MSDP disk pool on the Storage Server

C. add load balancing Media Servers for the Storage Server

D. set the clients to back up over SAN

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

The administrator of a large bank needs to preserve financial information for an extended period of time. The bank\’s NetBackup 7.6.1 catalog is now over 800GB in size, causing the catalog backups to contend for resources with production system backups. How can the administrator shorten the time needed to back up the catalog?

A. use the NetBackup 7.6.1 Agent for Symantec Enterprise Vault to perform an online archive of the catalog

B. create a catalog archive policy and execute it from the command line using the bpcatarc command

C. use the NetBackup 7.6.1 client-side deduplication feature to shorten the time it takes to perform a catalog backup

D. back up the catalog by scheduling an online Sybase database backup policy to allow the backup to run without contending for resources

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

A backup image on tape is due to expire in one week. The administrator needs to keep the image available for restore indefinitely. Which two methods can be used to accomplish this goal? (Select two.)

A. use the bpexpdate command to change the expiration date of the image

B. use the bpretlevel command to customize the retention level

C. use the bpimmedia command to freeze the tape

D. use the bpduplicate command to create a copy with an infinite retention

E. use the vmchange command to change the expiration date of the tape

Correct Answer: AD

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